1. The company's business objectives: "honor, responsibility, professionalism, innovation"

Honor is the ultimate object of the company is always seeking customer recognition is our greatest recognition and reward. When faced with the task of internal and external customer delivery, shall we integrity, character, will, the ability to devote the best side, the company is due to our customers and get the honor, because the members of the team and get the honor, honor excellence is to obtain basic attitude.
Responsibility is a solemn commitment to a non-discounted, positive, active, enthusiastic, explain our basic attitude. To be taken seriously our credit resources, there is no sure thing will not make rash promises, we promised to do and we must always maintain a high level of communication. Responsibility is always our survival and development of the cornerstone.
Professional is the key to improving efficiency and the formation of the company's core competitiveness, to win the trust of customers "protection." Do the right thing and try to do the right thing and keep service quality high professional degree. The only way to enhance the professional is constantly learning and apply their knowledge to good.
Innovation is not only this era mission entrusted to us, it is a source of customers and maximize the interests of the company to allow customers to continue to grow in innovation, and enjoy performance due to actual ideas, products and technical changes brought in innovation. At the same time, internal management, marketing and operation of special needs is different from the old framework of the concept of innovation, innovation is both a test of courage and wisdom, is also a need to survive.

2. The concept of corporate culture:

"Ericsson prior to the career, the most important Lide Liren"

Stresses integrity, brotherhood, the company and its employees should keep in mind the standard. Relationship between business and the integrity of the relationship between employees and morality, just like fish and water in general. Fish anhydrous difficult living the same token, the company is difficult to survive without the letter; non-German employees not reused. Therefore, businesses and employees lose faith and morals, and her career is no different. "No clean water to fish" from another point of understanding, is harmless group of fish, only to comply with the same faith, the team can secure, enterprise in order to survive.