Vermiculite producers Secret in soilless culture applications

Horticultural vermiculite can be used for flowers, vegetables, fruit cultivation, breeding and other aspects. Except for potting soil and conditioning agents, but also for the soilless cultivation. As planting potted trees and grass-roots nutrition business seedbed for transplanting plants and transport in particular. Vermiculite can effectively promote the stable development of plants and root growth of seedlings. For a long time to provide moisture and nutrients necessary for plant growth, and can maintain a stable root sunshine temperatures. Vermiculite can crop can get enough water and minerals from the early growth, and promote rapid plant growth and increase production. Xiao Bian today and we take a look at the advantages of vermiculite used in soilless cultivation of it!

1, reduce disease, compared to the traditional garden soil, leaf mold nursery pest rate, while reducing the use of pesticides, and ultimately achieve the purpose of pure natural green products. Matrix itself is clean and free of bacteria is its largest eggs strengths.
2, emergence, seedlings, the survival rate is high, to achieve essentially "Miao good" to achieve the greatest degree of vegetables, fruits, high yield, excellent production, premature effect from the beginning of seedlings.
3, soilless matrix is ​​composed of vermiculite, peat mix ratio of 2 large material made of Vermiculite is processed at high temperatures to ensure that it is no insect bacteria, peat swamp product after thousands of years of disease-free spores and worm composting eggs, so a reduction of the spread of harmful dirt and seedling pathogens.
4, vermiculite, soilless cultivation within the matrix contains a variety of nutrients, such as: potassium, calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium and other substances, sufficient to meet the needs of seedling nutrients, reduce the number of fertilizer, fertilizer costs.
5, vermiculite loose, breathable, water features, soft texture and hair in favor of extending new root root, root system to ensure born in the shortest possible time.
6, compared to traditional breeding methods tiled floor, soilless cultivation method can be set up through the layers of stacked trays full use of space, that is clean and easy to make the body stained seedlings soil while this method is more conducive to doing Governance reduce manpower expenditures.
7, Vermiculite is a lightweight material, lighter weight make handling convenient, more effort.