Exported to Japan for warm baby vermiculite powder

The emergence of warm baby solved the problem of local insulation in winter. The research of warm baby has also been continuing. For now, its products are thin as paper and light as cotton. With the increase of living standard, heating supplies are also widely used in people's lives. As the different names can be divided into: warm stickers, heating stickers, heating tablets, warm handbags, hand warmers, a hot paste, warm foot paste, Shu Meridian, Warm Palace Po, women warm paste and so on.

Expanded vermiculite powder is currently used in the production of  warm baby. Vermiculite is the world's leading super-insulation materials.  The vermiculite film is semi-transparent after a series of complex chemical treatments. This film surface of excellent insulation properties can maintain a certain temperature for a long time. Here to remind consumers to buy warm baby must look at its composition, products without expanded vermiculite powder  can easily lead to local temperature is too high.
The advantage of using vermiculite powder as raw material in warm baby as follow:
1: natural minerals, green, inflated vermiculite is 800 degrees high temperature firing, non-toxic harmless;
2: bulky, light (4-6 cubic meters a ton)
3: high heat resistance (maximum operating temperature is 1550 degrees)
4: high insulation (due to calcination effect of vermiculite expansion has a small air compartment, it has excellent insulation properties.)