Cosmetics common mica and talc what it is not harmful to the skin? Those minera

Let us talk about talc

Talc is a white or almost white, fine, powdery sand no hand touch greasy feeling. Odorless, tasteless. This product in water, dilute acid or dilute alkali hydroxide solution are not dissolved. It can be used for medicinal purposes. Is divided into several levels, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and so on, high-quality cosmetic grade talc filler cosmetics industry. Features: contains large amounts of elemental silicon. It has an infrared blocking effect, thus enhancing the performance of sunscreen and cosmetic anti-infrared.
Let me say mica
English mica, a mineral usually hexagonal or diamond was fake plates, sheets, columnar crystal form. Color changes with the chemical composition varies, with the main increase and darken iron content. Mica is very common in cosmetics, skin does not absorb, because the minerals, it would not cause any harm to the skin, add skin care products, cosmetics, in order to enhance the shiny effect is Twinkle effect. After applying a product usually you instantly feel the skin is very shiny, this is it.
To sum up, it is to create smooth and delicate talc effect, mica manufacturing shiny gloss effect.
Cosmetic repair capacity principle, is filled pores, so skin looks smooth and creamy; or deposited in the face, brightens the complexion.
If what is harmful ingredients, then heavy metal is one. Also on alcohol, salicylic acid, controversial but not to the point of disfigurement. Minerals are not bad for the skin, whereas pure natural minerals on the skin is another very good maintenance role. Talc and mica use very extensive, but it does the body good, really the world's top brands such as jane iredale, is a natural mineral used.
So, try to buy cosmetics brand bought a little difference in really ruin your face. There are things like nail polish, preferably not less.