Heavy calcium carbonate can be divided into several categories

Heavy calcium carbonate
, according to the thickness, can be divided into several categories: 400 mesh, 800 mesh and 1250 mesh. The actual use of the ratio is about 60: 30: 10. That means, as a heavy calcium carbonate product, the larger amount in plastic industry is 400 mesh. Of course, now the amount of rapid growth is 1250 mesh.

Effect of Calcium Carbonate Particle Size on Mechanical Properties of HDPE Films
calcium carbonate particle size Tensile strength (longitudinal / transverse) / MPa Elongation at break (longitudinal / transverse) /%
400 mesh 22.6/20.7 309/286
1250 mesh 28.2/27.3 342/347
2500 mesh 32.3/31.7 350/410

It can be seen from the table that the importance of the use of heavy calcium carbonate of considerable fineness for obtaining good performance of polyethylene film articles. Therefore, it is necessary to use 1250 mesh or finer grained calcium carbonate for the film product. 
From the appearance and touching is also required to use at least 1250 mesh heavy calcium carbonate.