Increase the inventory of vermiculite products in response to changing climate

First of all, you need to clear the expanded vermiculite products can not be a long time inventory. In particular, there is no moisture-proof measures in storehouse.  A good adsorption capacity of expanded vermiculite  lead to the short time maintain of vermiculite. It is generally best to apply the expanded vermiculitec after 15 days of production. Of course,if not under the weight of the premise, using plastic film for storage can be maintained for a long time. Vermiculite is a scarce natural inorganic material. Expanded vermiculite is a bouncy like cork, smoke-free, non-toxic, no mildew, no formaldehyde, no radioactive, no smell, can absorb moisture and  breathe. It's one of the green building materials. Expanded vermiculite is in line with global energy saving and sustained and healthy economic development and people's higher demand for health.