environment - friendly colored sand exterior wall coating

With people's gradually increased requests on the health index and living environment. How to improve the environmental protection, decoration and its own protective function of exterior wall coating  has become the company's R & D key issues. And how to make the product more environmentally and friendly, the  effect more vivid, the function better, trust is also the domestic and foreign companies continue to pursue the principle of coating.

It is understood that the external wall paint consist of high elastic silicone acrylic emulsion, titanium dioxide additives and so on. In addition to conventional high-grade latex paint high-performance exterior of external wall paint, more excellent flexibility can be given to the continuity of the coating decoration and waterproof function. Due to the selection of new skills, the coating has excellent stain resistance, breathability and adhesion.
Function and characteristics of environment - friendly colored sand exterior wall
Colored sand class exterior paint consist of acrylic copolymer emulsion as adhesive, high temperature fired colorful ceramic particles or natural colored stone chips as aggregate, Plus additives and other additives and equipment. The paint is non-toxic, solvent-free pollution, light-fast, non-fading, and pollution-resistant. The different combinations of aggregate can make the deep color composition not the same level and get similar natural stone color rich texture.
There are two types of colored sand: Monochrome and complex color. Monochrome: pink, red iron, purple coffee, brown, yellow, green, brown, black and other series; The complex color: composed of monochromatic, constitute a primary color, attached to other colors mottled, more rich texture. Colored sand coating is mainly used for a variety of sheet metal and cement mortar wiping the external wall decoration.
Environment-friendly color sand exterior paint applications
In the field of coatings, we have gradually jointed the natural sand and the external walls costing together to make the external walls coating in function more green and its color more natural harmony. It is understood that, in the Central Academy of Fine Artsthe, artists have alos used exterior water - based texture art paint in painting works. Such material is made from natural rock particles with a special adhesive, additives, special processing technology made with natural sandstone vivid picture and natural color texture art paint water-based, with more than natural stone decoration and plasticity , & Lt. Whether it is used for external decoration or artistic creation are highly artistic and ornamental.