Influence of sepiolite fiber on insulation materials properties

Fire engineering often add a lot of additives to improve the insulation materials properties, to improve the construction and use quality of insulation material. Sepiolite fiber is a commonly used additive.
A small amount of sepiolite fiber has little effect on the thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity without sepiolite fiber is 0.078 W/MK. When the content of sepiolite fiber is 6%, the thermal conductivity increases to 0.079 W/MK. But when the content is more than 6%, the thermal conductivity increases more. This is because the sepiolite fiber content is too large, the fresh slurry fluidity decreases too much, resulting in glass beads in the mixing process easily broken, so that the volume of inorganic insulation mortar shrinkage, closed voids reduce , thereby increasing the Thermal Conductivity.

Compressive and flexural strength and  bond strength of insulation materials all increased with the increasing of sepiolite fiber content. And the strengthening effect of sepiolite fiber on flexural strength and bond strength is better than compressive strength. When the content of sepiolite fiber is 2%, the flexural strength increases by 33.9%, the bond strength increases by 9.1%, and the compressive strength increases by only 2.9%. hen the content is 6%, the flexural strength increases 62.3% and the compressive strength increases 18.2%. This is because that sepiolite fibers can be scattered in the clutter of insulation materials, playing as a "skeleton" support, increase the compressive strength of insulation materials and bond strength. The addition of fiber is particularly effective in bending and bonding strength, which can significantly improve the anti-cracking properties of insulation materials. 
In the construction, In the construction, the number of additives is small but the impact on the material is significant. the use of appropriate additives to improve the quality of construction can achieve a multiplier effect.