The benefit of vermiculite for raising meat-plants

Vermiculite as succulents nutrition soil is deeply loved by the flesh friend. Generally speaking,vermiculite has two main uses in meat-plants cultivation.  One is used to take root, the other is used for soil distribution.

1, Use vermiculite rooting
Vermiculite can hold a good growing conditions of humidity because of its strong water retention and permeability. It can induce germination of the seed or rooting of the plant. So leaf insert or seeding will usually dope a certain percentage of vermiculite. There also some plants are using pure vermiculite to root. Rooting of rose, geranium and other cuttings can also use pure vermiculite.
2, Vermiculite for soil distribution
Vermiculite itself has little nutrients, but its water retention is good. Some meat-plants lovers like to mix vermiculite in the soil. For the pros and cons, meat-plants lovers also have their own views. Some lovers add too much vermiculite, resulting in the large water content in soil and rotten roots.
Of course, it doesn't mean that vermiculite can not be put in media. In general, 10 pieces of soil put one piece vermiculite in it, that is, the proportion controlled at 10: 1. Of course, the vermiculite can be less. Sometimes it is not absolute. Some areas require good water retention, vermiculite is very suitable. But some areas do not need good water retention medium, if now using vermiculite, that's helping the back.