How to identify mica powder?

Mica powder identification is very simple. Generally have the following methods. first of all, the whiteness of mica powder is not high, about 75 or so; According to current market, to find a better mica powder supplier is really not easy.
First, often received customer questions, reaction mica powder brightness of 90 or so, under normal circumstances, mica powder whiteness is generally not high, only about 75%. If doped with other fillers such as calcium carbonate, talc, whiteness will be greatly improved.
Second, the mica powder is flaky structure, take a beaker, add 100ml of pure water, stirring with a glass rod, you can see that the mica powder suspension is very good; other fillers including transparent powder, talc, calcium carbonate and other products, suspension Sex is not excellent mica powder.
Third, get a little, painted on the wrist, a little pearl effect. Mica powder, especially sericite powder, has a certain degree of pearl effect, widely used in cosmetics, coatings, plastics, rubber and other industries.  If the purchase of mica powder pearl effect is poor or without any pearlescent effect, this should be noted. Leijie company is a professional production and operation of mica powder, sericite powder, coating grade mica powder, rubber grade mica powder, cosmetic grade mica powder and conductive mica powder professional supplier, has a group of professional high-quality, technology Capacity, quality control system of strict professional production staff to ensure that the mica powder in the production of qualified only after the supply to the customer, a great lifting of the customers to worry about.