The real reason for the popularity of sand lacquer

With the construction industry  from time to time pursuing better and better specifications on exterior paint, people are using the wisdom mind to develop new exterior paint. It has better water resistance, weather resistance, and use less money. Therefore real Shiqi Caisha coating gradually captured the mainstream market and getting people favor.

Real Shiqi paint's unique advantages makes it best and be affirmed in all sectors. Caisha real stone has anti-corrosive which general product does not have , so that you can increase the corrosion resistance of the surface of building products, and thus increase its service life. Adhere to the beautiful at the same time, it also has a higher practicality. Relatively speaking, its cost is also very high color of sand real cold paint performance is very good and also has a strong adsorption. The majority of builders will choose such a product. Added to the practicality of the same time, but also to ensure its long-term use of time, as the wall tiles, the most popular choice of external wall decoration.
On real stone lacquer wall, the true stone lacquer coating on the wall is dense, soft and tough. Its impermeability is also good because the wall forms a superior waterproof layer to prevent rainwater infiltration. True stone lacquer is made of natural sand and with properties of anti - snow, anti - aging, high temperature, freeze - thaw resistance, Naisuan Jian. The product is convenient and safe in construction, without gun, cable, air compressor and other machines. It's thin light, very strong bond and not easy to peel. true stone paint will be free to create and prevent the limitations of tile selection, so that the screen Change is richer. The use of real stone paint sand coating, greatly saving the adhesive, wall waterproofing, labor costs and other expenses. It is saving local expenses, which make it more popular.
Caida really Shiqi 8 major advantages:
         1, waterproof.
         2, weather resistance.
         3, construction convenience.
         4, rich colors.
         5, more reasonable.
         6, more peace.
         7, more money.
         8, more popular.