Vermiculite manufacturers stop producing only for that touch of blue on the sky

Before 2008, China's economy rapidly developed, heavy industrial enterprises entered into the stage of rapid development and  domestic air quality gradually declined. Environmental protection has become the focus of attention. All enterprises enhanced energy-saving emission reduction schedule. Vermiculite manufacturers in 2013 improved pollutant discharge standards. But people feel nothing after great efforts to control the environment. Fog haze was getting worse.

In response to the national environmental protection call, in 2015 the vermiculite manufacturers according to incomplete statistics throughout the year cut-off more than fifteen times, the average number of days is 2.5 days. This can be said in the production of vermiculite in previous years did not produce. Nearly 40 days can not be produced, production decreased by nearly 1,000 tons and above. Vermiculite sales decreased by more than 400,000 yuan. Do these just for more blue and less haze on the sky.
I believe in the coming days of our joint efforts under the sky that the blue touch will be more and more.