Web order vermiculite products need to examine a few points

Order vermiculite through the network channels, especially for the first time to buy products, the concerns should be understandable. But today's society is under the inevitable online shopping. Then how to choose the manufacturer to become the most important thing. The following tell you how to avoid being deceived.

First, look at business qualifications, which is the most basic, such as Hebei Leijie, a qualified mineral processing plant complete, to meet customer requirements.
Second, check the company's official website, which mainly investigated whether the record, so you can find the real vermiculite manufacturer telephone to communicate with.
Third, the signing of the contract, whether it is the size of orders are necessary.
Fourth, try to buy a friend recommended manufacturer, this is the word of mouth marketing, such as factory production of vermiculite and horticultural vermiculite have a lot of such customers friends. I would like to thank those who have long supported our plant friends.
Fifth, the payment method, if the inspection is the real vermiculite manufacturer, then whether it is full payment or how to be make people reassuring. If the dealer is ordering, then you can choose to prepaid or to pay such a way to ensure the quality of vermiculite products.